Outages and Faults

tO REPORT A FAULT CALL 0800 800 935

For your safety, always treat power lines and supply points as live as the power could come back on at any time.

WEL will not provide temporary generation to any customer sites for planned outage work, faults and other unplanned outages. Refer to our Temporary Generation Policy for more information.

Prepare for an outage - learn how to here.

planned outages

At times we need to turn sections of the network off to keep our power supply strong and safe.

When this happens we let the electricity retailer know and they pass the message on to you.

Scheduled maintenance outages listed by date and street


Unplanned events such as storms or vehicle accidents can cause an outage at any time.
When this happens we appreciate your patience as we work to restore normal power supply.

General updates are provided on our news page, on our Facebook page and through local media channels.

View the map of current power outages


Check for outages here.

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