Application for a single distributed generation connection of less than 10kW


  1. Contact your retailer
  • You need an ICP at the point of connection and you should notify your retailer that you wish to be a distributed generator so they can arrange to change the meter configuration to measure imported and exported electricity.
  • You also need to decide if you want to sell energy back to your retailer. Discuss this option with your retailer.

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  1. Request a Distributed Generation Connection

Complete the application form below in full and submit it to us.

 Information to Apply for a Single Distributed Generation Connection of Less Than 10kW
 Distributed Generation Connection Application Form for Generators of Less Than 10kW
  1. Connection Outcome
  • Within 5 working days we will notify you of the status of your application request. Note that an incomplete form will introduce delays to the application process.
  • You will either receive a 90 day conditional approval to proceed, or we will advise of our need to either undertake a design and quote to enable the connection, or that some network correction is required before we can approve the work.  Where we are able we will also advise of the timeframe within which the networks will be ready for connection.
  1. WEL Networks Installs Smart Box
  • Once approval is granted we will also need to install a Smart Box at the DG site which is part of WEL's network modernisation aimed at improving customer service by boosting efficiency and reliability of our network.
  1. Complete your Distributed Generation Install
  • Your electrician will need to complete the installation of your new system, including testing and inspection. They should then return the completed test forms to WEL for final approval, and register the electrical changes on the national Electricity and Gas High Risk Database on the Energy Safety website.

If you have any questions please contact

For multiple Distributed Generation connections (i.e. a subdivision with DG on the houses) or for larger systems (above 10kW) please contact