Stand Over Request

WEL will provide, if required, a standover service on request, however a standover must always be requested when undertaking any excavation work within 0.6 metres of WEL’s 33kV cables.

WEL offers a free cable locate and standover service where a minimum of five days notice is provided and the service is not required for any longer than one day.  A more urgent or longer service may be possible, resources permitting, but may incur a charge (this will be discussed with you beforehand). If you would like to arrange a cable locate or standover service, please complete the Request a Cable Locate or Standover form at least 5 days prior to the commencement of work.

If you require further information, please contact WEL Networks on 0800 800 935 or


The accuracy of location devices can vary depending on type, depth of the cable, the magnitude of the current carried by the cable, and the effects of multiple cables and/or metal pipes in close proximity.

For example, a locator may not be able to distinguish between cables or pipes running close together and may read them as a single signal.

If two cables are sited one above the other, it may not be possible to detect the lower one. Having dug and found one cable does not mean that there is not another close by. Frequent and repeated use should be made of locators during the course of the work.

It is therefore important to take particular care where topographical changes may have occurred and instruction/training on interpreting WEL’s plans is recommended. In all cases it is important for the original cable plans to be held on site for reference.