Let the professionals trim your trees

22 May 2018

WEL Networks Vegetation Management Supervisor, Jonny Ogden says trees often encroach on overhead power lines if they’re not maintained and they currently cause about a fifth of unplanned power on the network.

But he says its important residents choose a safety first approach when it comes to managing vegetation on their properties.

"Trees and vegetation hitting or flying into power lines is a real issue during storm events; it’s also a major safety hazard. Once a tree gets into contact with a live power line, electrocution is a possibility."

"Many people attempt to trim trees themselves to get their properties ready for the winter weather but we’re asking them not to take the risk. To ensure your safety, call WEL Networks and we can arrange your tree trimming or felling for you."

WEL’s team of qualified in-house arborists provides vegetation management services to the community - to ensure public safety and minimise disruption in electricity supply to the Waikato.

In an average month, the vegetation management team attends to more than 700 trees around the Waikato.

They also routinely monitor the network to identify any trees that may have an impact on overhead power lines.

“If a tree poses a particular threat to community safety, we provide the property owner with information on tree trimming or removal. If we need to remove the tree urgently we do consult with the property owner and work won’t start without their consent.”

If you need a tree trimmed or felled, or for more information on our vegetation management services, contact WEL on 0800 800 935 or visit www.wel.co.nz for more information.