Learning the language of their peers

24 Jul 2019

A need to better understand their colleagues, and the industry they work in has prompted two WEL Networks staff to upskill. 

Business Management System Lead, Tina Willetts and Business Management System Advisor, Jenny Cross recently completed a New Zealand Certificate in Electricity Supply.

The duo spent six months completing the certificate through a mixture of practical application including electrical testing, site observations and self-directed study.

Despite this qualification not being a requirement in their roles, they believe it will help enhance the service they provide to the organisation and their colleagues.

“As part of our job we need to be able to understand electricity distribution and equipment at a broad level. This helps us to get the right people together to address opportunities in the business,” explained Jenny.

Tina added that the Certificate would help produce quality outcomes.

“As part of our business improvement role, we work across the organisation to support improvements to safety, our environment, equipment and processes. Better understanding the context and content of these conversations enables us to document and assist with actions that lead to good outcomes for our people, the business and as a result our community.

“We are a step closer to speaking the same language as our colleagues. We are a long way off their level of expertise and education but a little better equipped to help,” she said.